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5 Tips to Help Navigate Wedding Shows!

It's that time of year again and if you're recently engaged and planning your wedding, I'm sure you've already selected a few wedding shows in your area to attend. The great thing about wedding shows is you have a vast amount of vendors all under one roof to meet and cherry pick from. Not to mention all the fabulous decor and floral inspirations, fun photo booths, fashion shows of the newest bridal collections and of course all the tasty treats you get to sample! Yumm! With so much going on at Wedding Shows though, it can sometimes get a little overwhelming and before you know it you're back at home with a bag full of postcards/business cards and have no idea where to start! After seeing so many couples who have clearly been overloaded with information and no clue how to process it all, I've decided to share my 5 tips that I believe are the best ways to navigate wedding shows!


I get it! You're super excited you're getting married and can't wait to get into the wonderful fantasy world of all things wedding so you can see it all and choose it all! If you're selecting wrong wedding shows to attend though, you're just setting yourself up for failure. You want to look at the Wedding Shows online presence and make sure it appeals to you. Look at the vendors participating, randomly select a few and check out their websites. This will give you an idea of the types of Vendors participating and whether or not you like their style. There's nothing worse than going into a Wedding Show full of excitement and charisma and leaving feeling bummed out because you weren't inspired and didn't like anything. Do your homework! You're going to spend a few hours of your day at the show so make sure it's worth it!

You also want to consider your budget when selecting wedding shows. Naturally, there are always going to be shows targeted to the DIY Couples, Average Couples and Higher End Couples. While you may not know your budget just yet, be realistic with yourself. Going to a DIY Wedding Show, when you know you don't have that sort of time to spare in your daily lives is just as bad as going to a High End Wedding Show to meet vendors you know you can't afford. Sure you can go just to get the inspiration but what happens when you fall in love with something and try to recreate it? If it's a DIY project and you have no time, it ends up incomplete and depending on what the project itself was, you may need a last minute replacement which can end up costing more! If it's something couture and you try getting another vendor to recreate it for you, you have to realize it rarely ever turns out the same, which could lead to unfair judgements of the hired vendor and disappointments for yourselves. Now don't get me wrong I don't mean to be harsh and I love to be inspired by attending all genres of weddings shows! After attending a few however, you will get overwhelmed and want to stop so make sure your initial ones are relevant to you as a couple so you truly benefit from them.

Now my last point on this topic is for cultural couples and same-sex couples. Let me start by saying I believe everyone has a culture regardless of where you were born, your colour, creed or race. So when I say cultural couples, I really mean everyone! Think about what culture you associate yourself with, whether you were born into it or grew into it later on in life. I believe weddings should be the perfect blend of cultures to be truly unique to each couple and showcase their love and life ahead. Now I am going to use generalized and broad terms for the sake of this article not getting to long, so before anyone starts firing off that the terminology is incorrect, please note that I am well aware of just how many different cultures fall under the Asian category for example, but we just don't have the time to go through them all. Now with that said, if you do find yourself associating with a South Asian, European, Caribbean, African, Asian, etc.(the list goes on) culture, you may want to add at least one of these wedding shows into your lineup. The reason being, you will get to meet specific vendors that cater to this market segment, who are specialists in that field and offer cultural services you may not be able to find at other Wedding Shows. For example, the chances of finding a Tassa Band are much more likely at a Caribbean Bridal Show the same way finding a Baarat Horse is much more likely at a South Asian Wedding Show. Make sense?

Now onto same-sex couples. Again, I truly believe everyone is free to love who they choose and should be able to do so freely. Sadly, not all members of our society feel this way and that goes for wedding vendors as well. It's important for same sex couples to feel just as comfortable as everyone else when planning the happiest day of their lives. Walking around a wedding show where you feel judged and shunned is not acceptable so please don't put yourselves in that position. Again, research the shows you are attending and see what their stance is on same-sex marriages? Most shows will clearly state if they are LGBTQ friendly as this is a growing market that is still underserved. You're more likely to find vendors with experience in this segment at these shows and have a better experience attending the show overall. Now this doesn't mean you shouldn't go to shows that don't state they are LGBTQ friendly and I personally think you still should! Just keep in mind that if you come across a vendor who is being ignorant towards you, move on to the next. Remember you only need 1 photography company, not 10 so it's a matter of finding that 1 that you click with and feel comfort. Again I don't mean to be harsh, but time after time I've seen same sex couples throw fits at wedding shows for lack of service and while you are totally in the right 100% and deserve the same level of service as anyone else, it only makes you look bad and overly sensitive to the fact. It also makes other vendors scared to work with you as some are just not sure of how to deal with LGBTQ couples and be politically correct. It doesn't make them terrible, they're just scared of things they do not know or have never done and that's human nature. You catch more bees with honey as they saying goes so like I said, if one vendor is giving you the cold shoulder, find someone else who will gladly share that honey of a wedding experience with you!