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Wedding Beach Body? How We lost 45lbs in 6 Weeks with O2 Fuel-No catch!

Well ladies and gents, we just passed Valentine's Day of 2019 and you know what that means? There's a bunch of you lovely couples out there right now that just decided to upgrade your relationship and get married! Woot woot how exciting! Congratulations to you both on taking the next step and committing yourselves to one another for the rest of your beautiful lives together! Now if you're anything like me or the majority of individuals out there, soon after the thrill of telling everyone in your circle that you're getting hitched, the thought of loosing weight has crossed your mind. Afterall, who doesn't want to look their best on the biggest day of their lives thus far? Well I want to share with you all something that I tried recently with my husband that actually works! Stay tuned because this post is all about me shouting out O2 Fuel Fitness, which is basically a combination of everything needed for successful weight-loss and for long term, in my humble opinion! Now I know there's a ton of online information about weight loss and by the end of the article it turns out they're trying to sell you on something but I promise that isn't the case here. I simply want to share my personal experience in hopes that it can motivate some of you and perhaps even help you in some way! So without further adieu let's get started!

Now I'm no doctor, no fitness expert and I'm certainly not what you'd call a beach body type of gal. So why the heck am I writing about loosing weight for your big day and what are my credentials? Simple, I've always struggled with my weight like many others and when I find something that I love and I truly believe in, I love to rave about it! Well naturally in my business I work with many Brides and Grooms and I constantly see them struggling to feel good about themselves on their wedding day. It's always, I need to loose 10 more before the big day, I'm so fat I can't eat anything for the next week, etc. Trust me I get it! It sucks! I hated always loosing and gaining back the exact same 5-10lbs and this went on for years! I had tried it all, literally! Well my husband came across O2 Fuel at the end of December, 2018 and I think at that point we were both just so fed up, we decided let's jump the gun and give it a try! We went in for their consultation and we both had pretty different mindsets to be honest. My husband, the skeptical one kept looking for the what's the catch what's the real deal with this, whereas I was all let's do it! We met with Chris and let me tell you, he answered it all! He wasn't giving us textbook answers either. No he was authentic and real with everything that he said and it all made sense! I actually got more excited after talking to him and we signed up on the spot! I knew it was sweat at first sight when he gifted us a Panetonne Cake. As if to say, enjoy it for the week off but come Jan 2nd, it's on! 

Now I'm getting ahead of myself a little because I'm just so excited to share the experience I had but before I go further I think it's important for you all to understand my fitness background a little more so you can properly assess and understand why I'm so crazy for O2 Fuel! So first, I want to start by giving a little history of myself so you can hopefully relate better. As I mentioned, I've always struggled with my weight. I played a lot of sports throughout my school years and was fortunate enough to have the most amazing and supportive parents (our best friends really) who enrolled my brother and I in extra curricular activities including Swimming and Ice Skating. I grew up ultimately focusing on Soccer, Kung Fu and Basketball and even played and coached Soccer in leagues outside of school as well, for a good amount of years! I never really thought about my weight at that time and never considered myself to be fat, thin, fit or anything for that matter! I was just comfortable, despite being told I was a little on the chubby side by some. As I got older and these sports were no longer a part of my daily routine, I naturally started to gain weight. I turned to at home fitness DVDs, my favorite being Billy Blanks Tae Bo! I did this for quite some time and lost a ton of weight over months of daily Tae Bo. However, I didn't learn how to eat properly and although I lost a lot of weight, I also lost a lot of muscle and just looked super thin. Looking back at photos now, all I can think about is where did my feminine assets go, if you get my drift! I continued to do Tae Bo for some time but eventually life got in the way and the weight came back from its vacation! I moved onto gym memberships from Anytime Fitness, the local Community Centre Gym and even GoodLife Fitness. Now these were all great in their own ways but the only problem was I had no clue what I was doing! I went onto the Body Building website (you know, when they used to be free,) got some workout plans to follow, I did the machinery tours, learnt how to use machines and even followed the workout card that GoodLife had given me at times! I did some of the classes, went consistently and saw mediocre results. Now I could have gotten a trainer at the gym but in all honesty, I couldn't afford it and didn't really like the vibe I got from the ones I met from the complimentary one on one on boarding sessions. I felt judged and I was intimidated by the machinery so I opted for the group classes instead and I loved the atmosphere! I started going every morning to GoodLifes' signature Les Mills Classes and truly enjoyed myself! 

Then it happened, I got engaged! I was super excited and decided I was going to look amazing for my big day and decided to ramp it up because I really wasn't getting the results I wanted. So I did what most of us do once getting engaged and I joined a Bootcamp, a Zumba studio, a Hot Yoga studio and a Kickboxing studio (Thank god for Groupons!) I tried it all and while I enjoyed them all, I still wasn't getting much results! Sadly, I twisted my ankle on ice months before my wedding and wasn't able to workout properly for some time, but I was still determined, so I started experimenting with a lot of these loose fat fast pills on the market. While I'm not proud of taking these, I am glad that I can share with everyone just how fake these magic pills are. All that extra money, I should have just gone for the trainer but alas my ankle was in no shape to walk around let alone get to the gym. So what did I try? Raspberry Ketones, CLA Pills, Green Coffee Extract, Fat Loss Pills, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, all sorts of herbal cleanses, etc. Trust me, I bought high quality stuff and it's all a hoax. Yes some of the cleanses are truly great to detoxify yourself and some of these products are great to take in addition to a healthy lifestyle, but without proper information and guidance from a professional, these do not actually make you loose weight. The same way we can't snap our fingers and all be millionaires, we can't have a magic pill and have our ideal bodies. It's a fact! I had changed the way I ate and followed a strict diet as well, which did help a little but not nearly as much as I wanted and honestly I hated eating the same thing every single day and started getting cranky with the lack of carbs in my diet. Once my ankle got better I reverted to home fitness DVDs once more and tried the Beachbody programs this time including P90X an