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To get married in Bermuda, you must be:

  • 16 or over (but written permission from your parents is required if you are under 18)

  • free to marry (single, divorced or widowed)

  • not closely related to your intended spouse.

Previously married persons

Under Bermuda law, you can only be married to one person at any given time. If you have previously been married, you have to provide a copy of your final divorce decree (decree absolute) along with the Notice of Intended Marriage - Form A as evidence that you are free to marry.

If your divorce took place outside of Bermuda, the Registrar may also require you or your intended spouse to obtain a certificate of non-marriage from the relevant authority in the country where the divorce was granted. The signature on the certificate of non-marriage must be validated to confirm that it is genuine. If you are widowed, you must provide the Registry General with a copy of your deceased spouse's death certificate.

Civil Ceremonies

Civil marriages may be performed by the Registrar General at the Registry General Office between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. each weekday, and on Saturdays between 10:00 a.m. and Noon.  An additional fee of $245.00 is payable for civil ceremonies.  An attractive Marriage Room is available especially for these occasions.  One week’s notice is required for reserving a date and time for a marriage ceremony.

Please be aware that two witnesses are required for every ceremony.  On week days, Registry General staff are available to act as witnesses but you must inform the office that you need witnesses at the time the marriage appointment is confirmed. For Saturday marriages, you must bring your own witnesses.

Maritime Marriages

You can be married on the high seas onboard ships registered in Bermuda. The wedding would be a civil ceremony performed by the Captain of the ship on which it takes place. 

Marriage announcements for maritime marriages are published twice in the official gazette. After the ceremony, the details are forwarded to the Registry General and entered into the Register of Maritime Marriages.

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Known for it's pink sand beaches, it's rare national bird, the Cahow and it's famous triangle, Bermuda offers something a little different each time. With so many activities to do on and off the island, it's the perfect spot for families, multi-generational groups, weddings and even honeymoons!

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