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Group of Friends


Planning a family reunion, bachelorette/bachelor trip, friends trip or anything else? Being a registered travel agent with one of the top agencies in Canada, we can get some of the best rates and incentives for your leisure groups. Whether it's a flight, package, hotel, cruise, car rental or excursion/attractions tickets, we take care of all your travel arrangements.

We believe everyone has their own idea of what paradise is and deserves to see it at least once in their lifetime! That’s why we’ve worked on getting credentials across the industry from some of the leading suppliers out there! Not only have we gone through many hours of course material, but we’ve also explored many of these countries and resorts first-hand to make sure we have experienced what we are here to sell to you. We can customize your entire trip to your needs and are experts at ensuring groups with multi-generational guests are all entertained. Let us take care of your group and you so you can focus on what's important, creating memories with your family and friends!


  • Your group and you can take advantage of discounted rates that are guaranteed for a period of time depending on availability.

  • Group rates usually have a minimum of 10 adults or 10 rooms and you can save off the retail prices, get access to promotions and more only available to groups.

  • Group bookings allow guests to put down a smaller deposit amount (usually around $150) giving them the chance to pay of the difference over a period of time. This is especially beneficial for larger families, where expenses can really add up.

  • Having a group booking allows your guests and you to travel together from the same departure cities and flights. You can even get your seats close to each other and start your adventure from your own hometown! It also allows resorts to allocate rooms as close to each other as possible.

  • Depending on the resort you choose, your group and you may be eligible for resort credits open only to groups! 

  • Not all of your guests will be able to travel on the same dates and that is something we can accommodate while still retaining group rates for their dates.

  • Group travel will also include your transportation to and from the airport and resort, something that can get overlooked at times.

  • If you have guests that need to stay at a different property for whatever reason, we can help locate and secure their rooms for them. We will also arrange their transportation to the resort as well as their day pass needed to attend any big day!

  • We secure group rates from various airline and hotel suppliers on your behalf

  • Flight schedules can change frequently, especially when booking your group rates in advance. As the main contact for your group, we will inform all your guests of any changes that occur and find solutions if need be.

  • We help keep your guests and you stress free while saving you time and energy. We deal with the airlines, hotels, transfers, excursions, travel insurance needs, making changes, payment arrangements, cancellations and so much more!

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