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Legal Requirements for a Marriage in Mexico

  • Consent: People under the age of 18 may not get married in Mexico without parental consent. 

  • Chest X-rays and Blood Tests: These must be done locally in Mexico, as the results of the blood tests and the X-ray documentation must be in Spanish and the tests need to be done within a certain time frame of the Marriage Application Form being completed. Not all Mexican States require the Chest X-rays.

  • Four Witnesses: You will need to have 4 witnesses present at the legal ceremony, and they must have valid identification: usually a valid Passport is used, but other forms of government-issued identification are valid too.

  • Validity Outside of Mexico: Your Marriage Certificate will be valid world-wide, BUT you should get your certificate ‘legalized’ in Mexico to ensure it is legally accepted when you get back home. 

The Civil Marriage

Only a civil marriage is recognized as legal in Mexico. You don’t need to engage in a religious ceremony but if you omit the civil ceremony, the marriage will not be legal. Most Mexicans have two marriages: the civil (legal) marriage and the church (religious) one.

The Religious Marriage

If you would like to get married in a church in Mexico, this can be arranged, although additional planning and fees will be required.

Previously Married


Each State in Mexico has slightly different laws in regard to when previously married couples may re-marry. Most places require that BOTH the bride and groom are to be are divorced (starting from the date of final divorce decree) at least one full calendar year before re-marrying. Proof that you are not pregnant may also be required. 


If either party is widowed, the death certificate of the deceased spouse will be needed as part of the documentation requirements

Documents Required:

  • Marriage Application Forms

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months, and a copy of same (both the bride and groom).

  • Travel or Resident Visas

  • Original and copies of Your Visitor's Permit (FMM) which was completed at the port of entry or, if you are resident in Mexico, a copy of your resident permit.

  • Birth Certificates: These will need to be Apostilled and translated by an approved translato

  • Divorce Decree / Death Certificate

  • Divorce Decree or Death Certificate, if applicable.

  • Chest X-Rays: The Plates from the Chest X-rays (get these in Mexico).

  • Blood Test Results

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Mexico has a plethora of things to experience for everyone and the diverse terrain offers some of the best beaches, hiking locations, snorkelling opportunities, whale-watching, camel-rides, cave explorations and so much more! Perfect for weddings, families and groups, the Mexican cultures offers great food, entertainment and some of the best hospitality. Home to the Xcaret parks, the possibilities are endless when in Mexico!

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