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Congratulations! You're now legally married and now want to spend some quality time together as the family you've always been. Being a registered travel agent with one of the top agencies in Canada, we can get some of the best rates and incentives for your familymoon and make sure you get a good mix of family time and couple time. We recommend properties that have activities to do together as a family and romance for couples. 

We believe everyone has their own idea of what paradise is and deserves to see it at least once in their lifetime! That’s why we’ve worked on getting credentials across the industry from some of the leading suppliers out there! Not only have we gone through many hours of course material, but we’ve also explored many of these countries and resorts first-hand to make sure we have experienced what we are here to sell to you. We truly believe we can help you find the perfect location for your familymoon!

Please contact us direct for the best possible rates. In the meantime however, feel free to check out our online booking tool below!

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