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Planning from miles away can be tough, especially when you're not really sure where to get proper information from. With thousands of connections worldwide, we know reliable vendors who provide quality work to ensure there's no disappointments on your big day.

Whether it's on or off a resort, a beautiful vision of a romantic intimate destination wedding is something we love to be a part of. Many resorts offer on-site wedding coordinators for this but many times you have no contact with them until you arrive at the resort and chances are it is someone else who will be taking care of your wedding on the day of! As a certified destination wedding planner we know it is scary planning your wedding from miles away with no direct contact. We become that direct contact, having dealt with on-site coordinators before and knowing how to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

It is your big day and even if it is continents apart from your home, you deserve to have it be exactly as you have envisioned it with no hiccups. This service includes but is not limited to:

  • We can arrange travel stay and transportation for you and your guests

  • We create a custom international vendor database for you to choose from and arrange online meetings with vendors, review contracts and attend online meetings as necessary.

  • We work with the on-site wedding coordinator to ensure satisfaction on both your side and the resorts.

  • We can plan excursions for you and your guests to explore the country you’ve chosen.

  • We create a budget outline and allocation for the different aspects of your wedding, along with budget management.

  • We help develop your wedding vision and create a wedding theme and execute it through attire, vendors, decor, food, etc.

  • We create a custom wedding itinerary and timeline for you to complete.

  • We use our creative expertise to recommend on decor, centrepieces, favours, etc.

  • We are on-site and provide direct supervision for your wedding ceremony and reception set-up to ensure it meets your standards.

  • We are in constant communication with all vendors to make sure deliveries and set-ups are all on time.

  • We become the direct contact for all your vendors, so you are never disturbed throughout your celebrations unless absolutely necessary.

  • A certified destination wedding coordinator can attend your wedding day along with assistant(s) according to your wedding size.

  • Each certified destination wedding coordinator and assistant that attends your wedding will come equipped with an emergency kit ready to take on any unforeseen circumstances.

  • We are available to you all the time and will consult with you on anything you need!

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