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To celebrate a wedding in the Dominican Republic is obligatory to meet the following requirements and have the documents indicated below:

In case of Foreigners:

• Birth certificate.

• Passport, if it is in Spanish, and records the marital status as single, it is not mandatory the presentation of proof of bachelorhood. For all other cases the proof of single status issued by the Civil Registry of the country of origin or residence is necessary.

This record statement must be legalized by the Dominican consular authority accredited to the place it was issued. If the document is not written in Spanish, must be translated by a court interpreter and legalized by the Attorney General’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Italian Case: In the cases of Italian citizens must not exempt the edict, must be fixed in a visible place of the Court for at least three (3) days prior to the date that the marriage will take place. In this regard a certificate shall be drawn up.

Requirements for a Civil Marriage:

• Id card of the couple.

• Divorce Act (if they have been married before).

• Death Certificate (in the case of a widow or widower).

• Birth Certificate of the parties.

• At least two (2) witnesses. At least two (2) of the witnesses cannot be family or direct or collateral relatives up to the third grade inclusive of the couple.

• If have children together, birth certificates of the children (these must be previously declared). Requirements for a Religious Marriage:

• Certification of Non Existence of Civil Marriage issued by the Office of Vital Records located within the jurisdiction corresponding to the parish.

• Textual Marriage Act issued by the parish and legalize in the diocese.

• That the civil marriage is not registered in the Office of Vital Records corresponding to the couple.

• Instrument affidavit before a Notary Public and duly legalized at the Attorney General’s Office, in which the parties declare that they have not contracted a civil marriage prior to the celebration of the canonical marriage that is intended to be transcribe; and the names of all children of the marriage. It can be done by the spouses or by their descendants, if they have died.

• Records may be deposited at the “Oficialía del Estado Civil” corresponding to the parish where the wedding was celebrated or directly to the National Register of Civil Status (Direccion Nacional de Registro del Estado Civil).

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