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Legal Requirements

All legal requirements can be facilitated through the appropriate Government of Grenada ministries located in the Ministerial Complex in the Botanical Gardens at St. George's. Just be here for a minimum of one day before applying for a Marriage License from the Office of the Prime Minister. A $10 (EC) fee is payable at the Ministry of Finance Treasury Department, along with $15 (EC) Stamp Duty, $2 (EC) Registration Fee Search and a $5 (EC) Stamp for placement on your Certified Marriage Certificate. The process usually takes two days. If either party is divorced the process may take longer, as documents are perused by the Ministry of Legal Affairs.Blood or other medical tests are not necessary to successfully plan your Spice Wedding.

The following documents must be provided in English:

  • Valid Passports

  • Birth Certificates

  • Sworn Affidavit (or letter from a Clergy Man, Lawyer or Registry), attesting that neither party has not been married previously

  • Decree Absolute, for each divorced party

  • If widowed, the deceased's Death Certificate

  • Legal proof if a name was changed by Deed Poll

  • If under 21 years, written parental consent by way of an Affidavit from a Lawyer or Notary Public

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the legal requirement of residency prior to applying for a licence in Grenada? One day (excluding weekends and public holidays).

  • I've lost my original birth certificate - is a duplicate copy from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages sufficient? Yes.

  • I am adopted and therefore do not have a Birth Certificate - only adoption papers -will this do? Yes.

  • How long would a clergyman, lawyer or registrar have to have known the individuals to be able to attest to single status? There is no given time-frame – however, the necessary legal documentation must be provided.

  • How long does it take to have the Marriage Certificate issued? It usually takes approximately two working days.

  • How will I get my certificate if I leave within 2 days? Prior arrangements can be made with the Registry General’s office to forward the certificate to a given address (all costs to be borne by the couple).

  • Where do I obtain a Sworn Affidavit confirming my single status? From a lawyer, registrar or clergyman (priest). The document must be on letterhead, with an official stamp and a signature from the issuing office.

  • Can my partner and I use the same lawyer, registrar or clergyman to attest our single status? Yes – if both parties reside in the same Borough, Parish ,Province, County or State. No- if both parties live in different Boroughs Parish ,Province, Counties or States.

  • Is an official letterhead sufficient? No – an official stamp from the issuing office, together with signature must be placed on the document.

  • Does an affidavit need a Notorary Public's stamp? No – an official stamp from the issuing office (Lawyer, Registrar or Church office), together with their signature is sufficient.

  • Do I need a blood test or other medical examination for a marriage in Grenada? No.

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Known as the Spice Isle of the Caribbean, you can smell the nutmeg in the air from the various plantations across the hilly terrain. With the first Underwater sculpture park, cascading waterfalls and pristine white beaches, the island of Grenada exudes romance. Perfect for weddings and honeymoons, the possibilities are near endless and the only thing missing is you!

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