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Because we’re tucked away from the more crowded islands, you can enjoy an amazing Curaçao wedding and honeymoon away from throngs of noisy people. Escape to a secluded beach. Enjoy a picnic and a bottle of wine (or blue Curaçao, the island’s specialty!) while watching the water gently lap the shore. Later, go scuba diving, visit downtown Willemstad, and finish the day at one of Curaçao’s gourmet restaurants.

Ready to escape to the “Jewel of the Caribbean”? For your benefit, we’ve streamlined the wedding application process, so you can plan your perfect event, easily and stress-free.

  • Your wedding documents need to be with your wedding planner at least 2 months before the wedding date.

  • After approval from the wedding planner, you will receive the approval from the civil registration.

  • The wedding planner will take care of the identification at the city hall for confirmation with your passport and return ticket. (At least 3 days before your wedding day).

  • You will need to be on Curaçao at least 3 days before your wedding.


There are some requirements you need to fulfill before your Curaçao wedding. Please contact a wedding professional to give you further information. Usually, wedding professionals can take care of everything, down to the smallest detail, so it's best to contact them first, before making any arrangements.

  • Send a written marriage petition to the town hall.

  • The letter has to be signed by both partners.

  • Send two wedding dates with times.

  • Birth certificates with the parents' names.

  • International declaration of unmarried status by the civil registration of your hometown and an apostille/legalization.

  • If divorced or widowed, bring a copy of divorce decree or a death certificate plus an apostille/ legalization of proof required. Apostilleà form of legalization. This has to be done at the Netherlands embassy in your country of residence.

  • Please note that none of these documents can be older than 6 months by the time of the wedding.

  • If you choose to bring a witness from home, he or she must be 21 years of age.

  • When you register a witness you need their full names, address and date of birth. The witness will need a copy of valid passport. The witnesses should apply for temporary residence. The wedding planner can also arrange for local witnesses.

  • Photocopy of passports.

  • These requirements need to be original and recent and apostille.

The following nationalities do not require legalization for a Curaçao wedding:

Aruba, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Former Netherlands Antilles, Portugal, Switzerland

* To ensure Curacao marriage requirements are up to date, contact us at


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Curacao may be a small island that not many have heard of by many but once you visit, you'll never be able to forget the charms of the community. With a sunny atmosphere year round and trade winds that come up on the east, many cruise ships port here for guests to explore the town and culture of an island that is sure to steal your heart.

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