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No other island in the world is so completely dedicated to couples in love. A Saint Lucia wedding, honeymoon or weekend getaway is the kind you only dream about. Only Saint Lucia offers the ultimate in luxurious accommodations for that special day -- the Caribbean's best land and water activities, and an array of gourmet restaurants.

What you will need to get a marriage license in Saint Lucia.

Getting married in Saint Lucia couldn’t be easier since there is no residency period. You can apply for a marriage license two days before the date of marriage at a fee of EC $335, or on the same day for a higher fee of EC $540.

Documentation required:

  • Valid Passport

  • Birth Certificate

  • Divorce Decree (if an Applicant has been divorced). Note that the original or certified copy should be presented as proof.

  • A death certificate (original or certified copy) of the spouse (in the case of a widow/widower)

  • A sworn affidavit of consent stamped by a Notary Public if one of the parties is under age 18

  • An authenticated translation in addition to the originals if required documents are not in English.

* To ensure St. Lucia marriage requirements are up to date, contact us at


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St. Lucia is known for being the islands of Pitons so mesmerizing, you'll have a hard time leaving. Being one of the most romantic islands in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is full of amazing beaches, secluded waterfalls, caves, wildlife and more. With a variety of luxurious properties to choose from, it's the perfect location for weddings and honeymoons!

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