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Best Wedding Fragrances 2018

With Wedding Season of to a great start, I had the pleasure of guest-starring on The Gentleman's Journey to help rate what I believe to be the Best Wedding Fragrance for this year. It was so much fun and literally two days after I helped this awesome couple tie the knot and make their marriage official! The fact that the Groom asked me to appear on his YouTube channel was so humbling, especially since he is NOT a people person, as they both stressed this several times throughout the planning process. I guess I did my job well and am so happy to be able to share this all with you. Nothing says you're great at your job, quite like a video testimonial and I love that he shouted me out here while we deliberated on his picks for Mens Fragrances as it pertains to the Wedding day itself. I can't wait for you all to see who I ultimately chose as the winner, so check out the full video,  Best Wedding Fragrances and don't forget to like, subscribe and share. 😊 #wedding #fragrances #menscologne #mycouplesarethebest #youtubestar #entrepreneur #weddingplanner #travelagent #destinationwedding #fusioncouples #love #torontowedding #gta #mixedcouple #ilovemyjob #lifeofawpicplanner  

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